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For Healthcare Professionals

Training for your staff on the special needs of patients with Parkinson's disease. Compliments of Colorado Parkinson Foundation.

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List of healthcare providers who are current in their Colorado Parkinson Foundation recommended training.


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For Healthcare Professionals

Special Needs of Parkinson's Patients

Does your medical staff know that they are putting your Parkinson’s patients at extreme risk for fatal complications for which you may be legally liable when they follow Colorado guidelines for pill administration?

Any older person faces dangers in a hospital, but for people with Parkinson’s—largely a disease of older adults—they’ve proved particularly hazardous.”  New York Times

“To avoid serious side effects, provide Parkinson’s medications on time, every time—do not skip or postpone dose.”  National Parkinson’s Foundation from their Aware in Care Campaign

“Because it’s not taught in medical and nursing schools, very few doctors and nurses in this country know how critical it is that Parkinson’s patients get their Parkinson medications on time. Since few other diseases or disorders require absolute timeliness of pill management, medical staffs must give top priority in pill distribution to their Parkinson’s patients if they are to survive. Let the Colorado Parkinson Foundation trainers teach your staff to save lives!” Dr. Brian Grabert, MD, Parkinson’s Disease neurologist.

Are saving lives and avoiding costly malpractice suits worth an hour of your staff’s time?

That’s how long it will take us to present vital information to your medical staff on how to prevent unnecessary serious complications or death while caring for Parkinson’s disease patients. Included is how to correctly identify issues that are not Parkinson’s related. Incorporating the information we offer will make your facility a leader in Parkinson’s caregiving in Colorado.

Free Training

The Colorado Parkinson Foundation and the Colorado Springs Parkinson’s Support Group are dedicated to training all people who care for Parkinson’s patients on how to prevent serious complications and unnecessary deaths and to maximize their patients’ quality of life. We will also provide reference materials for your staff’s use.

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List of Providers

Understanding Parkinson's Disease

The Colorado Parkinson Foundation, Inc. offers, free of charge, a comprehensive one hour training program for in-home care specialists and medical personnel in assisted living or nursing homes. This program is based on the experience of our volunteers who have dealt with this disease for more than twenty years and video presentations from distinguished neurologists who specialize in researching or treating Parkinson's disease patients. 

We have currently trained over 300 caregivers in Colorado Springs. The following companies have undergone training or renewed their training in the last year.

Facility:                                                 Dates of Training

   In-home Care:          

       Sages Elder Care                        Aug 2019                    

       Amada Senior Care                   Feb 2019

       Interim HealthCare                  Mar 2018


   Assisted Living Facilities:


   Respite Care:

       Interim HealthCare

We don't endorse any particular caregiver source.  What we can say is that these companies have taken the time to provide continuing education on the unique issues of managing Parkinson's disease symptoms.