• Expandable Hinge

    Expandable Door Hinge

    Do you need a little more door space for your Walker, Rollator, etc.?  This handy hinge will give you 2 inches of extra space in your door area which I have found to be very handy.  As you can see it offsets the door by approximately 2 inches leaving extra space in your walking area. 

    I found these on-line for about 12 bucks each.  However when I checked at Lowe’s had the same item for about seven bucks.  It's been a while so you might want to check on-line to see if you can find cheaper.

    Installation is relatively easy especially if you have a Dremel Tool which unfortunately I did not.  You will notice that the hinge is square cornered versus rounded like a standard hinge.  I am reasonably sure this is to hold the weight of the door due to the offset.

    I hope some of you may find this as handy as I have.

    expandable hand 2
  • Amazing Handy Bar

    The Amazing Handy Bar

    One of the most useful items I've discovered is called the Handybar. This multi-use tool is a great help when I get in and out of my car. Especially on those days when my lower back is hurting or my meds just don't seem to work. As you can see from the pictures, it is a simple device that slips into the square shaped door latch located on the inside of your vehicle door-jamb. When I'm done I just slip it out of the square latch and store it in my door pocket. It works great on any of the passenger doors as well.

    If you have a round door catch instead of the square D-shaped one there is a blue Handybar available. In addition to a very comfortable rubber handle the Handybar can be used in an emergency to break out a window and to cut your seatbelt if it is stuck.

    Demonstrations of how the Handybar is used can be found on YouTube.com by searching for “Handybar”. Click the link below

    As  usual,  I  found  this  product  and  purchased  it  online.  A simple search for Handybar should get you all the information you need to compare prices and shipping charges.  I am sure this can be found locally as well.



    a2 handybar
    handy bar composite
  • Self Peddler

    Self Peddler

    While going through a particularly tough time with my medication I wanted to get some kind of exercise but had no energy to do anything. I wasn’t able to use my stationary bike and felt very useless. I searched the net for a motorized stationary bike and much to my surprise they were $5000 - $7000.

    After doing a little more research I came across this one and thought no way would this work it'll fall apart in 6 months. However, the price was right at about $79 so I decided to give it a try. That was over a year ago and much to my surprise it has endured quite well. I use the self-peddler almost daily and my wife uses it about 3 times a week.

    You can use it on your legs and put it on a table and use it to get your hands moving. The advantages are obvious.

    • It is a low impact inexpensive model that helps keep my joints and muscles toned. I have a very bad right knee that they want to operate on. However, the impact doesn’t seem to affect it at all.
    • Even though I am now able to use my stationary bike in the basement, I usually do that during the day when I’m more awake. I can use this while watching TV upstairs when I’m tired and too lazy to go downstairs.
    • Since you put it in front of your own chair you can make it as adjustable as you need. I put it in front of my easy chair and scoot my butt towards the front.
    • It has a variable speed knob from very slow to pretty quick and a self-timer that shuts it off after 15 minutes. Many times I’ll restart it for a total of 30 minutes or more.
    • The ad says it also promotes blood circulation and warms up for muscles.
    • It also says it’s good for MS by keeping the muscles moving and toned.
    • Just search the web for this product and I noticed there are other items available for a similar price range. As always check with your doctor first before starting any exercise program.
    self peddler to
  • Calf Massager

    Calf Massager

    After my brain injury and 2 strokes in 2003 I had a lot of trouble with tone in both my right and left calves. This continues today and has gotten a little worse with Parkinson’s. I was hoping that DBS surgery would eliminate this problem but while my rigidity in general has gotten better my calves tightening has remained about the same.

    Several years ago in 2001 I purchased an Ijoy massage chair with separate calve massager. I sold both of these in 2004 but really missed the massager.  Although this product is discontinued, some are  available on Craig List for about $179 I  found a black one in the picture for just $50. It works very well on my calves to loosen the muscles when they get really tight.  Sometimes my calves can get so tight and painful it wakes me up at night and I stumble off to the living room and go through one or two 15 minute cycles to get the relief I need.

    My wife, Karen, will use it when she comes home after a long day at work and being on her feet all day. You can tilt it to almost any angle and it doubles as a foot massager.  The massager can be used as an Ottoman although you can’t sit on it and the control box attaches magnetically on the left side support to get it out of your way.

  • Bidet

    Bidet Seat Cover

    Over the years I've seen separate, toilet like Bidet's on various DIY shows and thought they would be nice to have. When I was vacationing in Korea in 2006 all the restrooms at the resort had bidet seat covers. These are electronic models with remote controls that allow you to adjust heated seats, heated water, heated air dry, man and woman position controls, water pressure and basic front back adjustments. This style is mounted in place of a regular toilet seat cover. They appeared to be easy to put on so I tucked it in the back of my mind for when I got home.

    After returning home from Asia I did some research and bought an inexpensive Chinese model off the net which broke 2 months after using it. Learning my lesson, I looked around the net at various models sold by American companies. Fortunately  carried the IntelliSeat brand (also Chinese made, but to American standards) that summer and I purchased one feeling comfortable with the Costco return policy. In fact, I went back and bought another one when they were on sale before Costco discontinued them. Costco does have 2 or 3 other models ($250-$600) on their website. Be sure you compare all the specifications as not all models offer all options.

    They are almost as easy to put on as a regular toilet seat although, before ordering, you have to know if you have a basic round toilet or elongated toilet bowl. I did have to have an electrical outlet installed in both bathrooms to run the features. This cost was around $100 for each outlet.

    This product was a godsend when I was going through my radiation treatment for prostate cancer which made my Parkinson's go crazy. Towards the end of the treatments I was barely able to move and the bidet cover helped, as I’m sure you can imagine. It is continued to be a great help as my Parkinson's has progressed. Warning, if you use it in the middle of the night with the heated air dry feature you might just fall asleep like I've done many times. ;-0

    b1 bidet
  • Recliner Extension

    Recliner Extension

    For me, there is nothing more relaxing than kicking back in recliner and reading a good book or watching TV.  Just call me Mr. Excitement.  However, one of the challenges I faced was being able to easily raise and lower the foot rest on my recliner.

    Grabbing the recliner bar on the side to raise or lower the foot rest was never an easy prospect unless I was in the zone on my medication.  The problem was obvious the lever bar was too short and didn’t allow the leverage I needed to raise or lower the foot rest easily.

    I was able to effectively deal with this problem by purchasing and attaching a very simple, inexpensive extension to the recliner lever bar.  This simple add-on attaches easily by tightening the 4 screws with the supplied Allen wrench. The added extension is padded so it does not damage your existing recliner handle.

    I'm sure this product is available at some of our local medical supply companies.  However, as always, I ordered mine on-line from amazon.com.


    e1 lever ext
    Lever extender 2
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